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Since 2020, ToneOp has been coming up with new initiatives to provide you with all possible health and fitness services and products. ToneOp Fit is one such platform under its umbrella which equips you with expert-created health & fitness plans through a mobile application. Our mission is to facilitate a complete package to reach your health goal through targeted plans and a natural and scientific approach.

Our services include personalised diet plans tailored to your needs, flexible workout and yoga plans for home and gym, naturopathy plans and guidance from three dedicated coaches. Our health trackers monitor progress, live yoga and workout sessions provide guidance from the comfort of home and daily follow-ups keep you on track.

With 60,000+ healthy recipes and 2,000+ workout and yoga videos, you'll always find motivation. Our live sessions, held weekly, offer yoga and workout suitable for all levels. Experience triple-speed results with our comprehensive approach to health and wellness. We offer convenient health services, accessible under one roof. At ToneOp Fit, we believe in more than just fitness. We appreciate and work on empowering individuals to unlock their full potential, guiding them towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Our Mission

To provide personalised health and fitness solutions that inspire and support individuals on their journey to optimal health and wellness

Our Promises

To prioritise your health with personalised plans, unlimited expert consultations, and the dedicated support of our team of coaches.

About The Founder

Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Mr. Parth Bansal, ToneOp Fit emerged from a deep-rooted passion for empowering individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals. His commitment to innovation, excellence, expertise, and user-friendly experience led to ToneOp Fit's foundation. This revolutionary fitness solution redefines the way we approach well-being.

Mr Bansal’s vision is to help individuals achieve their ideal body weight through a single platform that provides all the necessary support. At ToneOp Fit, you will get three coach support, live yoga and workout sessions, personalised healthy and region-based meal plans, health trackers, and unlimited consultations with experts. With a focus on personalised guidance and support, he ensures you have the tools and resources to target your health goals effectively.

At ToneOp Fit, we're not just about workouts and diets but about fostering a community of support and encouragement. We offer a holistic and sustainable approach to fitness by seamlessly integrating a wide range of features into one easily accessible application.


Our Valuesgradient


Natural & Holistic Approach

We work on natural and sustainable ways of getting fit through personalised plans covering your weight management and transformation goals with overall health improvement.



We empower our clients to take ownership of their health through knowledge transfer about nutrition and wellness, enabling them to live a sustainable and flourishing lifestyle.


Progress, Not Perfection

We celebrate your journey towards a healthier you, one step at a time, without the pressure of unrealistic goals.


Sustainability & Self-Care

We promote healthy habits that fit into your lifestyle, fostering long-term well-being and self-compassion.


Three-Way Approach

We prioritise the 3-way health approach encompassing complete nutrition, tailored exercise plans, and dedicated yoga & naturopathy plans.


How ToneOp Fit Works?gradient

Reach your health goals with personalised solutions at your fingertips.


Check Your IBW (Ideal Body Weight)

Download the ToneOp Fit app. Log in with your mobile number and enter details to check your Ideal body weight.


Choose Your Preferred Plan

Select the preferred plan from Weight Management, Premium, and Live Session plans.


Book Your Free Consultation

Get a free expert consultation for personal guidance and start your health journey with ToneOp Fit.


Join The Transformation Journey

Achieve your health and fitness goals with the best coaches and flaunt the physique that you always desired.


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Our Teamgradient

Expert Consultants
8 Years Expertise
Feeling stuck? Let’s talk it out! We are here for unlimited consultations throughout your health journey!
Diet Coach
5 Years Expertise
We optimise your diet with calorie-counted region-based meals and make healthy eating fun and easy!
Fitness Coach
10 Years Expertise
Let’s conquer your goals with a fresh and exciting mix of home and gym workout plans and achieve your dream body!
Yoga Coach
7 Years Expertise
With scientific yogic and naturopathic practices, let’s achieve your mental and physical well-being together.

Why Choose ToneOp FIT?gradient

Experience the difference with ToneOp Fit – where fitness meets convenience and personalised support


Achieve Ideal Body Weight

Get in your dream shape with our ideal body weight approach catered by experienced dietitians and fitness experts


3-Coach Support

Get complete transformation tips and guidance from our experienced dietitians, yoga & fitness coaches and naturopathy experts.


Region Based Diet Plans

Get hands-on, easy 60000+ region-based nutritious recipes curated by expert dietitians targeting weight management, glowing skin and a healthy body.


Customer-Centric Plans

We focus on delivering personalised fitness strategies and experiences, ensuring our customers feel valued, heard, and inspired in their health journey.

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